Daily Playwright
I have written a new, original play every single day for over a year now - that's over 365 plays, and counting! This gives me a chance to experiment with notions of performance, document fragments of my own life in play script format, and try out new ideas on a small scale before developing them. Or rejecting them.


Oedward Inoevitable
A modern-day adaptation of Oedipus Rex for a spoken-word four-part chorus, exploring fate, inevitability and a young man's desire to break free of his mundane existence. This piece blurs the boundary between poetry and theatre, spoken word and song, radically altering the traditional structure of the play-text. 

Matryoshkas All The Way Down
The culmination of my MA in Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths, University of London, was a full length play about the complex relationships between three mothers and three daughters, exploring the disguises we put on when we talk about our mothers and our children. A 20 minute extract of this play was performed at the Soho Theatre on the 24th of June at 3pm.

Around The Sun - A Play About Mars
Developed in collaboration with a group of teenagers from the Islington Community Theatre as part of their 24 Hour Plays project, this work allowed everyone involved to explore very personal issues such as belonging, identity and intergenerational tensions by taking them outside of the every day world and imagining what life would be like as a teenager on Mars.

Hospital Road - An immersive journey
This is an immersive, artist-led pub trip and walk down a street in rural Hertfordshire where my father grew up. The site-specific piece explores heritage and lineage, and draws upon the history of the psychiatric hospital that was situated in the village, and culminates in a musical performance from the father himself, and a communal dinner cooked and served outside. The journey is a collage of past and present, live and pre-recorded, inclusive and exclusive. 

Save As - A series of experiments in interdisciplinary collaboration and the pursuit of immortality
This piece was a collaboration between musicians, performance makers and a writer (that's me). We developed a reflexive soundscape woven from scripts, read-throughs, laughter and meditative wailing, and experimented with a multi-dimensional palimpsest of memory, parodying ourselves and our art with utmost seriousness. 

Documenting the moment - a lifelong pursuit of aesthetic perfection
Analogue or digital, printed or virtual, I'm a compulsive collector of portraits, landscapes, artistically framed photographs or blurry smiles, shot in the moment. This project involves providing my descendants with enough photographic clutter to keep them busy long after I'm gone. I'm also available to help you with any head-shots or nice photographs for portfolios, if you ask nicely. 

I'm Not The Man I Used To Be - Philip Parfitt and Friends
Nepotism ahoy! I arranged and sang backing vocals for my dad's first solo album. After a hiatus from the music industry, having made several albums with his bands Oedipussy and The Perfect Disaster, Dad made a gentle but profound return to recording, having spent the majority of my teens and early twenties fine-tuning most of the tracks on this album. 

More Than Today - Robin Grey
I sang backing vocals on many of the tracks on this album, recorded over a period spanning more than a year, with accomplished musicians and esteemed human beings, Robin Grey, Basia Bartz and Caitlin Roberts, among others. The picture above is Caitlin's dad's painting studio, where we spent a rainy weekend recording rough arrangements by candlelight, in true bohemian style.